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Coed Adult Indoor Volleyball - Fall 2017

Coed Adult Indoor Volleyball - Fall 2017Don't miss your chance to be a volleyballer this fall, and sign your team up for the Fall 2017 league!

All matches are 6 vs. 6 (male and female players staggered throughout a team’s rotation).
Matches are held 6:15, 7, 7:45, and 8:30 p.m. Tuesday (competitive play) and Thursday nights (recreational play) at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center, which is located at 240 E. Rock Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701.
Each team plays 14 matches during the regular season, which are won best two out of three sets.  Play begins October 17 and ends December 14, after a single-elimination post-season tournament.  Tournament champions receive awards (typically trophies or commemorative glasses).
Fayetteville Parks and Recreation provides an official game ball and a trained referee.  Teams also have access to seven open court practices on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the season. 
Registration closes October 8.  The cost to register is $275 per team.  Residents whom would not like to organize a whole team can register as free agents. 
Players seeking a competitive league should register in the “Game On League,” which is Tuesdays, and those seeking a more laid back volleyball league should register in the “Chill Out League,” Thursdays.
The league is diverse, and players should expect a positive experience and consistent officiating in either league; don’t miss out!
More information and paper registration form are available on the program website,  

The Fall 2017 program factsheet is available by clicking this link.


Session:Fall 2017

The Chill Out League is for teams seeking a fun-first, organized coed adult volleyball program. This is not to say that teams won't be competitive, but the general spirit of teams in this league is to put fun above all else, including "the win." Yet, all eyes are on the trophy at tournament time. Residents seeking a program with an even level of competition and fun-spirited teams will enjoy the Chill Out League more than the Game One League. Referees are instructed to teach teams about technical violations as violations happen. Of course, referees will always call blatant technical violations, such as a double hit or net violation. Level:Chill Out (Thursday Nights)
Cost: $275.00
Reg/Size: 5/8

Session:Fall 2017

The Game On League is for teams seeking a competitive, athletic challenge while playing against other teams whom are aiming to win, but also are looking to have a little fun while playing. Former club or collegiate players will enjoy the Game On League much more than the Chill Out League. Players should expect violations including lifts, back row attacks, net violations, and illegal hit violations, among others, to be strictly enforced. Level:Game On (Tuesday Nights)
Cost: $275.00
Reg/Size: 1/8

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Who: Joe Kieklak
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Coed Adult Indoor Volleyball - Fall 2017

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