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Arctic Classic Softball Tournament (2018 Adult Slow Pitch)

Arctic Classic Softball Tournament (2018 Adult Slow Pitch)The Arctic Classic is an adult slow pitch softball tournament hosted by Fayetteville Parks and Recreation in Fayetteville, AR. This tournament will feature three divisions on Saturday and/or Sunday, February 17th and 18th, using the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) slow pitch rules and a three-game-guarantee bracket. 

The Available Divisions
Men's D:  New travel or recreational teams - USSSA Classified D, E, or non-classified 
Men's A:  USSSA Classified A, B, C, & D
Coed:  All coed teams (5 females & 5 males minimum) 



USSSA classified A, B, C, & D teams welcome! Level:Men's A
Cost: $275.00
Reg/Size: 0/25


New travel and recreational teams welcome! Teams must be USSSA classified D, E, or not classified at all. Level:Men's D
Cost: $275.00
Reg/Size: 1/25


All coed teams welcome! Teams must have a minimum of 5 females and 5 males on their roster. Level:COED
Cost: $275.00
Reg/Size: 0/25

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