Adult Programs Free Agent List (2018)

Looking to be active but not sure where to start?

Join the free agent list!

Fayetteville Parks and Recreation keeps a current free agent list in all adult sports programs, and the list is sent to captains each week. To join the list, click on the programs you're interested in below, and the recreation program manager responsible for the program will add you to the free agent list!

There is no cost to sign up, but if a coach or team captain asks you to join a team, then the team may request that you pay a portion of the team registration fee. If asked to chip in to cover the registration fee, the free agent's portion should not be more than roughly $30-45 depending on the program. For more information, check out the program webpages below:

Adult Kickball
Adult Softball
Adult Volleyball
Registration Closed 9/4/2018

Registration Closed

The registration for this item has closed, for more information contact Fayetteville Parks and Recreation at (479) 444-3471
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Fayetteville Parks and Recreation
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