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Swimming June 11 - June 21

General Information:

Lessons are 30 minutes starting at 10:00 am, 11:00 am or 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday for two weeks. Class size is limited in order to maintain a good student/teacher ratio. Registration for each session closes when full or otherwise the Friday prior to each session start date. The Wilson Park Pool opens May 26, at which time all pool information will be available at the pool office at 479-442- 2641. Prior to May 26, pool information is available at the Parks and Recreation Office at 479-444- 3471.

Inclement Weather:

In case of inclement weather we encourage all of our participants to call our hotline number, 443-PARK (Hotline is updated by 9:00am and 4:00pm on weekdays for swim lessons). We allow for one indoor ‘safety day’ to be held if inclement weather prevents the use of the pool. If more than one class is cancelled due to weather, a make-up class will be scheduled. Fridays will be used as likely make-up days for swim lessons.

PLEASE NOTE: Fayetteville Parks and Recreation program fees are non-refundable.



Parent Tot (ages 6 months to 3 years): The purpose of parent and child aquatics is to teach safe behaviors around the water and develop swimming readiness by leading parents and their children in water exploration activities with the objective of having fun and becoming comfortable in, on or around water.

Preschool (ages 4 to 5 years): Preschool aquatics aims to promote the developmentally appropriate learning of fundamental water safety and aquatic skills by young children.

Level 1 (ages 6 & older): Introduction to water skills. Orients participants to the aquatic environment and helps them gain basic aquatic skills. Helps participants begin to develop positive attitudes and safe practices around water. Skills: put face in water, blow bubbles, stay under for 10 seconds.

Level 2 (ages 6 & older): Builds on the basic aquatic skills and water safety concepts learned in Level 1  Skills: Level 1 + flutter kick with feet, paddle with arms, float on back and stomach, jump into deep water.

Level 3 (ages 6 & older): Comfortable in water and possesses basic abilities to swim. Skills: Level 2 + dive from side of pool, dive off board, display some form of elementary backstroke, front-crawl, back-crawl.

Registration Closed 5/25/2018
Cost: $50

Registration Closed

The registration for this item has closed, for more information contact Parks and Recreation Office Wilson Park Pool at (479) 442-2641
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Parks and Recreation Office Wilson Park Pool
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