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Adult Softball Fall League Registration (2018)

Get Active in our Recreational Adult Softball Leagues!! 
Fayetteville Parks and Recreation is accepting team registrations for our 2018 adult softball leagues. Teams must submit this complete application with payment. Teams play two games, either double headers or two different teams, on the same night each week with games being played at either Gary Hampton or Lake Fayetteville Softball Complex, which will depend on the league. Teams must provide their own bats and softballs, all Men's teams must hit a Worth Extreme softball, and women must hit a Worth Classic W softball. The following are the available classification levels listed in order of most competitive to least competitive; GOLD (most competitive), SILVER, and BRONZE (most recreational).

*Open leagues have no restrictions on player classifications. 

** For Draft leagues, players will play on random teams each night. 

Location and Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Gary Hampton
6:15 & 7:15pm
Coed Silver Men's 35 & Over Coed Gold Coed Silver
Gary Hampton
8:15 & 9:15pm

Men's Silver

Women's Draft League Men's Gold Men's Silver
Lake Fayetteville
6:15 & 7:15pm
Men's Bronze Coed Bronze Men's Silver Coed Bronze
Lake Fayetteville
8:15 & 9:15pm
Coed Bronze Men's Bronze Coed Silver Men's Bronze

Above is a list of league locations, nights, and times.

Registration Closed 8/17/2018
Cost: $35 - $450

Registration Closed

The registration for this item has closed, for more information contact Darrell Shaw at (479) 718-7681
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Contact Information
Darrell Shaw
(479) 718-7681